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990 Eurotard Pointe Comfort Gel Pads


990 Eurotard Pointe Comfort Gel Pads

$ 24.99

You can feel flex and flow with your foot as you dance. Let Eurotard's Pointe Comfort cradle your toes, reducing impact shock, shear, and pressure points to the foot. This pure, soft, supple product was designed for you, the serious dancer, to make performing more enjoyable and possibly extend the life of your career.

  • Will not support fungus or bacterial growth
  • May give relief to dancers' foot irritations
  • Medically proven to reduce shock upon impact
  • Helps protect the skeletal structure of the foot

Care Instructions: Can be washer with hand soap and then rinsed throughly with cold water. Coat lightly with body powder after each washing to keep them smooth and fresh.

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